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what is this ?

Why limit yourself to apples-to-apples
bartering when you can trade movie tickets
for salon services, an iphone for electrical work, or
language lessons for a pair of skis?
Join us!
(long answer)

why are we awesome ?

100% free with no annoying ads
Community-based, sustainable
No pesky membership required
Completely anonymous
Fast and super duper easy!
... And, just cuz  ;)

what we look like



leena chitnis, (center) founder

loves helping folks, singing (badly), boxing, dancing, and riding on red scooters.



george grigoriadis, (left) graphic designer

francophile, ouzo sipper, beach goer, and teacher of Valantis.



valantis dani kv, (right) developer

loves eating, going on trips, programming (of course) and playing a mean piano.



ioannis iglezakis, lawyer, assistant professor at aristotle university
loves reading, blogging, riding his mountain bike and teaching law students



stratos kontopoulos, business consultant a.ka. "the guy with all the connections"
IT genius, enjoys good food, loves animals and has desperately tried to learn to play "happy birthday" on his guitar - for the past two years

      phil holland, video voice extraordinaire (see english video on home page) thessaloniki-based american voice pro, amateur poet, english-teaching author and youtuber, contact: